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Congratulations to our Year 11 students for their results they have achieved this summer.

59% of students achieved a 4 or above in English and 56% achieved a 4 or above in Maths.  The percentage of students with 5 Cs or above (including Maths and English as a 4) is 46%.

As you may be aware, results this year are a combination of the old grades and new numerical grades.  Particular congratulations go to:

* Thomas Boughen who, obtained a Grade 9 in Maths (exceptional performance),  Grades 6 and 7 for English Language and Literature, 3 A*s, 2 As and 3 Bs.   

 * Charlie Moses, who obtained a Grade 8 in Maths, Grade 8s in English Language and Literature, 3 A*s and 4 As

 * Shaun Carter, who obtained a Grade 8 in Maths, Grade 7s in English Language and Literature, 5 A*s, 2As and a B.

 * Erin Clift who obtained a Grade 6 in Maths, a Grade 9 in English Literature (exceptional performance), a Grade 7 in English Language, 1 A*, 2 As and 4 Bs.

 We wish all of Year 11 the best in the future! 



 Congratulations Year 13 Class of 2017 - Best results in the last 5 years!

100% Pass Rate in all qualifications

70% of all grades A*-C

This year, Seaton Burn College students achieved their best ever A Level results for 5 years with all students achieving 100% pass rate in their A Level exams for the first time in the college's history.  The number of top grades has increased by 10% and the college is overjoyed with the efforts and achievements of the students.  70% all grades were A*-C and 38% were A*-B.

The students who excelled include Lucy McAdam who achieved A* grades in both Geography and Sociology and has been accepted into Newcastle University.  Niamh Mallen was rewarded for her efforts at Seaton Burn with A grades in Mathematics, PE and Chemistry and will now move to Loughborough to begin her degree in Sport.  Ellie Bulloch who has accepted a place at Nottingham University to study French with History achieved A grades in both these challenging subjects.  Zoe Ritson will continue to Leeds University, to study Geography, having achieved 2 A grades and a B grade in her subjects.

A number of other students achieved A grades in Mathematics and Biology, including Joe Wilson and Thomas Barton.  Seaton Burn College Head of 6th Form - Chris Ayres stated "We are pleased to see that the dedication and hard work of both students and teachers have provided us with an excellent set of results this year.  The college has improved in all areas of our post-16 results and we have some outstanding subject results and individual achievements.  I would like to wish all the students the best of luck in their future studies." 



I know that many of you have been waiting for an update about the sponsorship of Seaton Burn College by Gosforth Federated Academies.  The Local Authority, DfE and both schools are working hard behind the scenes to bring this closer.  

At this time we are planning for the official transfer date to be January 2018.  However, Gosforth staff will still be with us in September and will continue to support the school as they have been doing this year. 

In terms of practicalities such as uniform etc.  I would like to reassure parents that the Seaton Burn uniform will remain the same for next year so please go ahead and order your supplies at


Seaton Burn College is an Operation Encompass school - a project aimed at supporting children affected by domestic violence. Please keep an eye out for a letter containing more details of how the project works.

Message from the Principal

(updated 13/10/17)









Dear Parents and Carers, 

Every year at this time I talk about the fact that Halloween and Bonfire night are around the corner.  I don’t want to be a ‘party pooper’ but you do hear stories every year about children suffering injuries so please discuss this with your child to make sure everyone is safe! 

I thank all the parents who attended the Year 11 Parents’ Evening last night. We were able to have some extremely constructive discussions with Year 11 parents about ways to impress upon students the amount of work they should now be doing. This is to build up firstly to their practice examinations in December but, of course, they are also on the “last lap” of their journey towards GCSE.  With the changes to GCSE exams this year, there is an extra emphasis on knowledge and content and it is important that students start their preparations early enough.

Many thanks go to Miss Smith, Mrs Stewart and Mrs Lawson who ran presentations on the work required by students to succeed over the course of this year.  Parents who attended were given an information pack containing a calendar with all key dates highlighted.  We are all relying on a strong partnership between student, parents and school to support and scaffold what needs to be done between now and the Summer. We believe that students should be undertaking independent revision every night and every weekend from now on, in addition to their specific independent study. We will continue to provide advice and frameworks for students to plan this, but every student needs their parents’ support, encouragement and, at times, challenge.

Breakfast Club

I would just like to remind parents of the Breakfast Club that we run at the college that opens from 8.00am to 8.40am each morning.  Students can get cereal, toast and bagels as well as fruit juice or hot drink for only £1.00.  Breakfast Club is free to students entitled to Free School Meals.

What parents may not know is that there is always a member of staff around who will be able to help with issues of homework, this period of 40 minutes can be helpful for students if they need support with any aspect of their learning.

PRAISE Code Update

Successes and Rewards

As half term approaches I wish to take some time to celebrate the success we have had with the new changes to the PRAISE code. So far this year, a whopping 103,898 stamps have been awarded by teachers to students for being on time, on task and on side in lessons – an amazing amount! The stamps earned by students are starting to add up towards certificates, rewards and prizes for students who hit key targets. For now though, I wanted to single out the following students who have achieved the highest number of stamps in their year group so far this year. They are:

Year 7: Emma-Louise Taylor

Year 8: Lily Gill

Year 9: Jessica Sharp

Year 10: Steven Kilty

Year 11: Eleanor Jordan

To be the top of a year group is a fantastic achievement and I look forward to rewarding all of five students and others who have achieved great things this term when we return after a well-earned break. Well done!

On the subject of rewards, earlier this term I met with the student council representatives to discuss what rewards students would like to work towards. I have taken this list to Mr Campbell and we are busy finalising the rewards programme and look forward to presenting the final rewards list, including end-of-year rewards, to students before Christmas.

Student Planners

The student planners have been a real success for the college and they are central to recording rewards and sanctions. Now that students are used to having their planner each day we are tightening up the system around having the planner in school. For the first half term, we have run a day-card system for students who have forgotten their planner so that they can go to lessons despite not having a planner. After half term, day cards will cease to exist and students without planners will spend the day working with Mr Spence in the In-School exclusion unless a parent/guardian/relative can bring the planner into school. To avoid this happening, please ensure that your son or daughter has their planner before they set off for school – if students can remember their uniform then they can remember their planner too!

Also, the planner is an excellent way of showing how students are doing in school and we would love you to engage in checking student planners once a week. This will let you celebrate the success that your son or daughter has achieved with their stamps, talk to them about any planner comments they receive, and help them to organise their week. Please check the planner at the end of the week and sign the space in the bottom right to show that you have done so.

And finally…

A well done to all of the students from me about how quickly they have adapted to the changes to the PRAISE code. Everyone looks smarter, is walking taller and I’ve been really heartened by the comments from students about how they feel the changes are improving life in the college. We’ve made a great start to the year and we need to take that momentum moving forward.

Mr Findlay - Assistant Headteacher - Behaviour

John Muir Ecology Group

The new academic year began with disappointment in the nature reserve on discovering that the Forest School had been vandalised during the summer holidays.  However in true John Muir response the Ecology group have dug in, rolled their sleeves up and turned the chaos into order, calm and purpose and have refreshed the Forest School, which is now re-opened for everyone to enjoy.  The students have cleared rubbish, removed debris from the pathways and have renewed the seating area with newly acquired tree stumps and benches.  As you can see from the photographs the students have every reason to be proud of their work.

In addition to repairing the Forest School the students have completed a tree survey, autumn colours of nature task, a sound bite and are now planning to make bird feeders from recycled rubbish.  The feeders will be distributed around the reserve in the coming weeks in preparation for the winter.  The students will be monitoring the bird species that use the reserve over the winter months.      Mrs Long



Sparkle Health and Beauty Salon Update

It has been a very busy and creative time in our Health and Beauty Salon for the past couple of months, some of the students are going to let you know why they chose to study Health & Beauty at Seaton Burn College.

I chose health and beauty in year 10, and it was the best decision I’ve made as I want to become a makeup artist and a qualified beauty therapist once I’ve left school. Getting a chance to be taught about beauty therapy and makeup at school is an amazing option! I really enjoy our lessons with Mrs Curtis as it has made me feel more confident and I have learnt so much about different hair and skin types. I am really grateful to have had this opportunity at our school.          Bethany Lawton - Year 11




Health and beauty is my favourite subject! I absolutely love learning all about beauty products, the skin, the hair, treatments and more! It is very fun doing practical work in the salon as well. The salon is a very relaxing place with a calming atmosphere. I have built my confidence in health and beauty massively! Since I do freelance makeup I need confidence and Mrs Curtis is very understanding and really has boosted my confidence up! I have learnt so much over my two years in health and beauty. It is a subject that I really stick in at and thoroughly enjoy! If you are interested in the health and beauty industry and wanting to do something beauty related when you leave school, I highly recommend choosing health and beauty in year 10 as an option!                  Francesca Watson Year 11

The students will complete 2 qualifications over 2 years, one is practical based on a range of salon duties, work place ethics, facials, hair grooming, manicure, pedicure, eye treatments etc and the other is an equivalent GCSE in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy.


I wish you an enjoyable weekend.

Warm regards,


Steve Campbell

Acting Principal


Football Results so far

Year 7

Monkseaton Middle 2 - Seaton Burn College 6

Fixtures to play

Thursday 12th October
Norham vs Seaton Burn College

Monday 16th October
Berwick vs Seaton Burn College

Thursday 2nd November
Seaton Burn vs Newcastle School for Boys

Year 8 Results
Seaton Burn College 4 - Marden High 5

Ovingham 5 - Seaton Burn College 1

Year 9 Results
St Thomas More 4 -Seaton Burn 3

Seaton Burn College 9 - Marden High 1

Seaton Burn College 2 - St Aidan's (Sunderland) 5

Fixtures to play

Thursday 19th October
Seaton Burn College vs George Stephenson High School

Year 10 Fixture

Monday 16th October
Seaton Burn College vs Newcastle School for Boys

Seaton Burn College vs Bede Academy








Attendance is currently at 95%, which is good but we want it to be better! Evidence suggests that good attendance can make the difference of at least one grade at GCSE.


Thank you for appreciating that good attendance is vital to the wellbeing of your child.  Children with a good attendance are more socially confident, develop stronger and lasting friendships, and have better life chances.

Thank you for helping your child understand how important learning is by ensuring good attendance and helping them develop a good attitude to school and their learning.  This helps your child become a confident learner who is flexible and able to adapt to the demands of a modern world.

Please do not allow your child to stay off school unless they are very poorly, make medical appointments after school where possible and let’s work together to get attendance up!          Mrs Cassidy




This bench made by Seaton Burn Year 9 students has now been placed in Five Mile Park, Wideopen









Politeness: let’s make it the norm and not the exception!


We all know that manners cost nothing, and even when we’re having a bad day we all feel better when faced with a simple act of courtesy such as having a door held for us, seeing someone smile at us or hearing the words “hello” or “good morning”. Sometimes these simple acts get lost within the environment of the school and it’s a shame that they can become the exception rather than the norm. We would like to enlist the help and support of our parents and guardians in encouraging all students to be polite and courteous throughout their day. This should include when they are speaking to other students as well as when they are speaking to members of staff. 

  1. The words “please” and “thank you” should be used when talking to other members of the school community.
  2. The act of holding the door open for those behind you should become second nature.
  3. Students should always knock on classroom doors before entering and it is never acceptable to disrupt lessons that have not yet finished by pushing into the door or staring through the window.
  4. Smiling should be standard practice as often as possible.
  5. Students should politely wait to speak to staff when they are engaged in other conversations and avoid interrupting. 

Politeness is an important attribute for all people to have within society because it makes other people feel good and it changes the way people perceive you. If you treat people with respect, they will return the favour. Let’s work together to make sure we equip our young people with the skills that will see them being successful in the ‘real world’. 

A number of posters to reinforce a polite mind-set will be appearing around college in the coming weeks. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

Mrs Amanda Lawson

Head of English



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CHILD SAFETY ONLINE - Parents and Carers please read this guide on children using social media 

Y7 and Y8 Parent Guide is available

From September 2015, Persistent Absence rates have changed - please read this newsletter for more details


I just wanted to offer my support following your recent Ofsted Report. I know this will be a difficult time for the staff and obviously their morale will be affected. My child has had wonderful support during his time at Seaton Burn and the quality of teaching has been brilliant... The staff have motivated him and offered him support whenever he has needed it.  I am sure things will improve for you all over the coming months. Please pass on my comments to the staff. 


I was a little shocked and obviously disappointed to read the letter that arrived on Friday in regards to Seaton Burn's latest Ofsted report.  I have however, taken the time to go online and read the Ofsted report in detail and it sounds as though you have put the correct things in place to turn it around, but time is needed to see if they are effective strategies.  I shall not be attending the parents even for answers to questions as I have every faith that you will do whatever it takes to turn it back around. If you need any support from a parents point of view, let me know what I can do. The school, in my opinion, have always been amazing with my child, particularly through difficult periods of his life... 


We would like to offer you and the staff our full support for Seaton Burn College. Our three children have attended the college for a total of nineteen years. During their time at the school they very much benefited from the cultural aspects of College life as well as acheiving academic success. This, together with the caring and nurturing ethos of the school allowed our children to mature into confident and happy young adults.  We wish you and the College every success in the future.


Hello Wonderful Teachers!

We apologise for not attending the recent parents evening to discuss the Ofsted results. We were both at work and unable to make it.

However we would like to say that our son, has always been happy at school and we believe he receives excellent teaching and care. There is certainly no evidence in his performance that there has been any problems at school and for that we are very grateful.

We would like to wish all the staff in school our very best wishes and that you have our full support.