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Computer Science

In Computer Science students develop their knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science.

These include:

  • developing and apply computational thinking skills to analyse problems and design solutions across a range of situations
  • gaining practical experience of designing, writing, and testing computer programs that accomplish specific goals
  • developing the ability to reason, explain and evaluate computing solutions
  • developing awareness of current and emerging trends in computing technologies
  • developing awareness of the impact of computing on individuals, society and the environment, including ethical, legal and ownership issues
  • communicating computer science concepts and explain computational solutions clearly and concisely using appropriate terminology.

Students study 6 topics which are the foundations of Computer Science:

  • Algorithms – Breaking down problems
  • Data Representations – How data is handled and displayed
  • Computers – The hardware and software of computers
  • Communications – Networking and the internet
  • The Bigger Picture – How computers are used and the future of computers
  • Programming – Designing and creating programs