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After an introductory topic entitled ‘What is History’, Year 8 is divided into 3 units:

  • Tudor Revolution: “Depth Study”-Henry and the Church, “Those bloody People”- Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth and the Armada
  • English Revolution: “Depth Study-Life during the Civil War, “Those bloody people”- Oliver Cromwell, Gunpowder Plot/Witchcraft
  • Industrial Revolution: “Depth Study”-Living in Industrial Towns, “Those bloody people”- Jack the Ripper, Children-In the Mills & In the mines 


Students continue from KS3 to develop their ability to analyse and evaluate evidence, use sources and primary evidence to answer questions and suggest the causes and consequences of particular events/developments.

The GCSE History covers a wide range of subject material. The course is split into three modules, each with a different focus which allows students to study the past in a variety of ways,including development overviews, depth studies and the study of primary evidence in the form of field visits.

Unit 1 International Relations in the 20th Century – This is a study of the 20th Century that covers the Origins of the First World War, Peacemaking 1918-1919 and the League of Nations, Hitler’s foreign policy and the origins of the Second World War and finally the Origins of the Cold War.

Unit 2 20th Century Depth Studies – This is an in depth study that covers a short period of time but in more detail. Students will learn about the Roaring Twenties,USA, 1919-29, Hitler’s Germany 1929-39 and Depression and the New Deal, USA,1929-41

Unit 3 Controlled Assessment Historical Enquiry - This unit will be assessed by means of controlled assessment. Students will submit their responses to two questions on Britain at War in the 20th Century, prepared under controlled conditions.