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Students follow the KS3 National Strategy for ICT, which is grouped into the themes:- Finding Things Out, Developing and Sharing Information and Exchanging and Sharing Information. Through KS3 students will become increasingly independent, users of ICT. They will:
  • Develop an ability to judge when and how to use ICT
  • Be able to make judgements about the quality and reliability of their products
  • Engage in increasingly complex ICT tasks

Assessment is based on teacher, peer and self-evaluation of each teaching unit.



Students following this course develop essential transferable ICT skills, knowledge and understanding and learn about how ICT is used in the commercial world.  Students develop their software skills using a variety of programs with the aim ofenhancing their employability when they leave education.

At Seaton Burn College we have chosen the following units.

  • Unit 1 ICT Understanding computer systems
  • Unit 2 Using ICT to create business solutions
  • Unit 5 Creating an interactive product using multimedia
  • Unit 7 Creating dynamic products using sound and vision

All students taking this course will complete the Cambridge National Certificate in ICT (equivalent to 1 GCSE).