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Modern Foreign Languages

(French and Spanish)


Our aim is to:

  • Build on the experience that the students have had at their feeder primary schools through appropriate transition activities to prepare them for KS3
  • Enthuse and inspire our students within a stimulating and welcoming learning environment
  • Support our students as they build up a range of language skills including use of verb tables and dictionaries, phonetics and grammar
  • Celebrate French culture and history within the topics that we cover and at key points in the year
  • Enable our students to have a positive learning experience which will develop their wider skills including a deeper understanding of their own language.


The courses seek to develop the ability to understand and use the foreign language effectively for the use of practical communication.  At the same time they aim to develop a sense of linguistic and cultural awareness in students.  Areas of experience covered include everyday activities, personal life and the world around us.  End of unit tests in the four core skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking are assessed and the results used to arrive at a National Curriculum Level.



The GCSE course aims to extend the students’ language skills through listening, reading, speaking and writing.  By studying a language students develop communication and memory skills as well as improving logical thinking skills.

The course is divided into four broad themes with a range of topics within each:

  • Lifestyle and Relationships & Choices
  • Leisure
  • Home & Local Environment
  • Work & Education