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Students perform, compose, listen to and analyse many styles and genres of music from all around the world.  In all year groups students complete extended performance and composition projects using a wide range of instruments including percussion, guitars, samba drums and electronic keyboards.  

Students explore the use of computers to make music and generate music notation. Homework consists of research projects into musical icons for example Mozart or the Beatles, and regular assessment takes place in all aspects of the course.



The BTEC music course is a practical based course designed to give students theopportunity to develop their skills as a musical performer as well as gain an insight into working within the music industry.

We study 3 units which are:

1. Planning and creating a musical product

2. Solo performance3. Ensemble performance

Milestone assessment is completed each half term and students are responsible for keeping a log book of their activities, to submit as evidence at the end of the course.  Larger coursework projects for each subject unit are completed each half term.