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Project Based Learning @ Seaton Burn College

Last week the College undertook its first Project Based Learning (PBL) activity. PBL is designed to give students a chance to immerse themselves in 1 particular piece of work for an extended period of time. The aim is for the young people to produce a piece of work or artefact that is very high quality and has some benefit to others.

7 students and Mr Cookson headed to Longbenton CLC for 3 days to design and build mobile device apps aimed at helping year 6 students as they prepare to attend the “big school”. The students had never used the app-making software before, so as well as having to decide upon the content of the apps they had to teach themselves how to use Blippit to make the apps.

Day 1 was spent brainstorming ideas, deciding on what the apps should include and making a plan of work for the following day.

Day 2 was split between College (to take photos and video members of staff) and the CLC and acting on the feedback we had received.

Day 3 was spent racing against the clock to get the apps complete by the deadline of 2.00pm!

Mr Cookson used Twitter to get people other than school staff to have a look at the apps and to provide areas for improvement. The students were shocked to see “real people” had left comments on the quality of their work! This raised the bar even further and soon they were ensuring their work was as professional as possible.

The apps will be made available to the year 6 students when they visit College next week and we are sure that the apps will make their transition from primary school to the College that little bit easier. If you would like to see the apps (they will work on any device with an internet connection) please visit: or scan the QR codes below:




I am delighted with the quality of work the young people produced. They were a pleasure to work alongside and were incredibly mature in all of their dealings with College staff, CLC staff and staff of the app-making software. Indeed the Managing Director of Blippit said that the apps were amongst the best he had ever seen; he has written a blog describing the project from his point of view.

Congratulations to Dillon, Mitchel, Hannah, Christopher, Patrick, Chloe and Chris!