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Help and Advice

Whom should I talk to?

  • Your Form tutor
  • The Guidance Team
  • The School Nurse
  • Anyone else that you feel comfortable talking to

Who else might be involved?

College works with a wide variety of external agencies, e.g. the School Health Team.

Who will find out?

We try to keep conversations private, but on some occasions when we are worried about your safety we’ll need to tell others.  We will always tell you this first.

Can my parents talk to someone?

We always encourage parents to talk to us.  While they can always phone or come to school, appointments should be made first to ensure that someone is available to see them.

Behaviour Monitoring and Action

We closely monitor behaviour, operating a system of consequences designed to discourage poor behaviour so that your learning experience is as good as it can be. Any consequences you receive will be closely monitored by your Tutor. If behaviour continues to deteriorate, your Pastoral Manager or the Senior Lead for Behaviour will intervene and place you on report. The School Support Team works closely with the guidance team, monitoring behaviour and supporting students and families.

MyHub @ Northumbria Police

MyHub is for young people to find information about Northumbria Police, crime, drugs, alcohol and social networking.  You can find out about different types of crime, what prison is like, where to ask for help, how to keep safe and lots of other things.  Please click on the logo below to access the site.


Thinkuknow is an award-winning on and offline safety programme for children and young people, professionals and parents that has been developed by the National Crime Agency’s CEOP Command.
Delivered through a network of 100,000 qualified professionals across the UK, Thinkuknow provides accurate and informative, age appropriate advice and guidance about relationships, sex and internet safety to. Click on the logo below to access the site