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Philosophy and Ethics

Overview of Topics for Year 8 and 9



Year 8

Year 9

Topic 1


Life and Death

Topic 2

Prejudice and Discrimination

Marriage and Family

Topic 3

God and Suffering

War and Peace

Topic 4

The Natural World



Curriculum Rationale:

Philosophy and Ethics is:

 “ a subject designed to inspire students and enable them to form and express their own opinions and defend different points of view.  Students are to develop empathetic skills and build on their sense of morality.   It is designed to fit in with a range of curriculum areas and enhance their understanding through a broader appreciation of the world around them”


It covers aspects of the RE and Citizenship curricula and is designed to support literacy and English, as well as other Humanities subjects. Ethical issues will be looked at from different stances, and this will include what religions think about each issue. This is relatively straightforward and only focuses on core religions (Christian denominations, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism).

Lessons will focus on debate, discussion, expression and empathy. Students are challenged about what they believe and from where they get these beliefs.



Assessment will be done using English level descriptors, focussing mainly on the APP grids for speaking and listening (oral presentations) and writing (constructing arguments using correct paragraphing and persuasive language).