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Students follow National Curriculum and study topics across the three sciences.  Aspects of ‘How Science Works’ is integrated into each topic.  Students are assessed by a range of methods including tests and tasks. The course is broadly based on the ASE “Wikid” Science.   The skills developed all form a foundation for GCSE.



At KS4 students apply knowledge to new situations, interpret and evaluate data.  For practical sessions they work safely and collaboratively, and make accurate observations.  It is also expected that students transfer literacy and numeracy skills from English and Maths.

There are 2 possible routes in Science at GCSE:

  • Route 1: 3 GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  • Route 2: 2 GCSEs in Core and Additional Science.

All GCSEs follow the AQA exam syllabus.

Both courses are split evenly across the 3 Sciences, Biology Chemistry and Physics.  Core topics include; keeping healthy, metals & their uses, electricity. Students studying Additional Science will go on to study themes such as; respiration, genetics,acids, and radioactivity.  In the Core and Additional Science each Science is worth 25% with the remaining 25% comprising of a controlled assessment.

Those choosing 3 sciences will study all of the aforementioned topics plus others such as the heart, chemical analysis and hydraulics.  Students taking this route will be well equipped to follow on to A level should they wish to do so.  Each GCSE has a 25% coursework component which is completed within the school timetable.