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Uniform and Dress Code

We are proud of our College and ask that our students wear their uniform with pride.  Uniform is compulsory and must be worn by students at all times in College.

Please see below for the current uniform which you can purchase online at or at their shop (see map here).


  • College sweatshirt with Seaton Burn College logo
  • Plain white shirt
  • College House tie
  • Black trousers (see note 1)
  • Black shoes (see note 2)



  • College sweatshirt with Seaton Burn College logo
  • Plain white blouse
  • College House tie
  • Black trousers or black skirt (see note 1 and 3)
  • Black shoes (see note 2)


Boys and Girls 

1. Trousers: Students must wear plain black trousers. No denim/jeans, linen or cargo-type trousers. No leggings.

2. Shoes: Students will be expected to wear smart shoes to school. Trainers will not be permitted. The school shoes should be plain black and carry no logos or contrasting colours. No Ugg or Ugg-style boots.

3. Skirts: Girls can also choose to wear regulation black skirts if the wish although they must be knee length and tailored. No stretch material or skin-tight material is permitted. In addition, jeans will not be permitted. Please wear black, plain tights with skirts.

4. Belts: No wide or coloured belts with large buckles or logos.

5. Jewellery: The only jewellery permitted is a watch, one signet ring and one pair of studs in the ears (not expanders or plugs). No other facial or body piercing is allowed in school.

6. Make-up: Minimum make-up is allowed. No false eyelashes.

7. Hair: No extreme hairstyles (e.g. shaved sides, razor-cuts or Mohican-style) no unnatural colours, blocks, stripes or extensions.

8. Outdoor coats: Coats should not be worn indoors.

9. Bags: All students should have a suitable school bag, so that they can carry all the books and equipment they need for the school day. Bags should be marked or labelled with the owner’s name.  

Any breaches to the school uniform policy are likely to result in a sanction.  We may contact parents and the student will need to go home to change or work away from other students.


PE kit – Essential

  • White Polo shirt or t shirt - Navy shorts
  • Plain white top and navy shorts - no stripes


PE kit – Optional

  • Royal Blue Sweatshirt - Navy Joggers or navy tracksuit bottom
  • Plain sweatshirts and joggers - no stripes


Home Economics - Apron Essential

  • Any, although there is one available from Emblematic