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Students will experience a wide range of techniques and processes through their own design work and solutions to various problems.  Students will undertake projects using wood, metal, plastic textiles and food as well as electronic or other technology components.

Students are expected to develop a high standard of drawing, illustration and knowledge of each problem set.  These are brought together to give an overall National Curriculum level. Assessment is based upon designing and making skills as well as knowledge of the subject.




In GCSE Catering pupils cook a wide range of recipes to enhance and develop their culinary skills.  In Year 10, pupils carry out a practical assessment cooking four dishes of their choice, this assessment is worth 20% of their final GCSE grade.  

In Year 11 there is a second practical assessment worth 40% of their final grade, and again pupils pick a range of dishes to cook to demonstrate their knowledge and skills set.  Theory on the catering industry as well as cooking techniques and nutrition are covered throughout Year 10 and Year 11 with an exam paper sat in Year11 worth 40% of the final grade.


Students are given the opportunity to develop skills and abilities in a range of areas of graphic design and practical work using a variety of materials.  Problem solving skills are developed during the course as students become increasingly involved indesigning and making their own projects.  Students are assessed as follows:  

  • Design and Technology Major Project 60%
  • Paper 1 – Theory 40%